odoo Opendays Conference (Day 1 – June 4, 2014)

Great first day of the odoo conference.  Watch the whole conference above or skip to the discussion that you would you like to hear.

–Start————– Day One Event Name ——————————————————
1:10:00 [slides] Introduction Speech – Xavier Pansaers
1:16:55 [slides] What’s new in Odoo V8 – Fabien Pinckaers
1:58:20 [slides] Odoo v8: The framework reborn – Antony Lesuisse
3:17:20 [slides] Developing V8 frontend modules – Xavier Morel
4:11:00 [slides] Contributing (The OCA Community) – Alexandre Fayolle
5:47:45 [slides] Developing V8 backend modules – Raphael Collet
6:49:25 [slides] Developing automated tests for Odoo – Gery Debongnie
8:14:00 [slides] Using runbot to test developments – Olivier Dony
8:47:00 [slides] Odoo and Google Apps – Guillaume Leclercq
9:17:30 [slides] Development environments in 5 mins. – Laurent Mignon

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