odoo Opendays Conference (Day 2 – June 5, 2014)

–Start————– Day Two Event Name ————————————–
0:42:25 [slides] Introduction Speech – Xavier Pansaers
0:43:32 [slides] Odoo Strategy and Roadmap – Fabien Pinckaers
1:16:35 [slides] Global Business Strategy 2014 – Xavier Pansaers
1:38:05 [slides] Global Marketing Strategy 2014 – Alexandre Vandermeersch
1:53:45 [slides] Making Companies a Better Place – Pascal Bohon
2:35:20 [slides] Roadmap: Accounting improvements for V9 – Quentin De Paoli
3:38:52 [slides] Odoo online platform architecture – Olivier Dony
5:10:11 [slides] From V7 to V8: the new API – Raphael Collet
6:16:15 [slides] Integrating the new PosBox – Frédéric Van Der Essen
7:30:45 [slides] Developing cube views for your objects – Gery Debongnie
8:27:20 [slides] The v8 reporting engine (HTML/Qweb) – Simon Lejeune

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