Odoo Experience 2015 – Day 1

Great first day of the odoo conference.  Watch the whole conference above or skip to the discussion that you would you like to hear.

–Start————– Day One Event Name ——————————————————
xx:xx:xx [slides] Discover Odoo 9 – Fabien Pinckaers
xx:xx:xx [slides] New v9 Accounting – Quentin De Paoli
xx:xx:xx [slides] Handling Checks & Deposits – Arthur Maniet
xx:xx:xx [slides] Introduction to Reconciliation – Frédéric Gilson
xx:xx:xx [slides] Odoo Mobil apps – Jonathan Vanhumbeeck
xx:xx:xx [slides] Understanding Accounting & Installation – Els Van Vossel
xx:xx:xx [slides] Budget Management – André Bake
xx:xx:xx [slides] Odoo POS Setup – Michaël Vercruyssen
xx:xx:xx [slides] Website Editor – Tips & Tricks – Alexis Wuestenberghs
xx:xx:xx [slides] Adapt & Create custom warehouse Routes – Josse Colpaert

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