Odoo Experience 2015 – Day 2

–Start————– Day Two Event Name ————————————–
0:19:44 [slides] Strategy & Roadmap v10 – Xavier Pansaers & Fabien Pinckaers
1:49:12 [slides] Using Odoo in an Online Shop – Michaël Richard
2:17:44 [slides] Odoo POS Setup – Frédéric Van Der Essen
2:53:52 [slides] Odoo Integration with eBay – Florian Wintjens
3:19:05 [slides] Odoo Integration with Amazon – Hiren Vora
4:50:16 [slides] What’s New & Cool in Odoo v9 – Fabien Pinckaers
5:44:15 [slides] Knowledge Management with Odoo Slides – Antoine Huvelle
6:14:12 [slides] How to Implement the POS – Sebastien Beau
7:12:59 [slides] Offering Online Help with Odoo CMS – Cédric Pigeon
7:43:40 [slides] Customizing Odoo: fields/filters/menus – Sébastien Versailles

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