Odoo Experience 2015 – Day 3

–Start————– Day Three Event Name ——————————————————
0:39:01 [slides] Customer: Atos Worldline – Stijn Gasthuys
1:09:04 [slides] Time tracking & Data Acquisition with NFC – Martin Schmid
1:46:27 [slides] Timesheet App: Mobile & Offline – Tanguy Charlier
2:15:50 [slides] Manage your ISO27001-Certified ISMS – Maxime Chambreuil
2:51:24 [slides] Project Management with the Lights on – Jordi Ballester Alomar
3:25:10 [slides] OpenTMS: Transport Management System – Elkafil Abdrahman
3:51:41 [slides] Mobile Business Apps – Niels Middeldorp
5:15:47 [slides] The new Periodic Appraisal Mechanism – Thibaud Dubuisson

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Odoo Experience 2015 – Day 2

–Start————– Day Two Event Name ————————————–
0:19:44 [slides] Strategy & Roadmap v10 – Xavier Pansaers & Fabien Pinckaers
1:49:12 [slides] Using Odoo in an Online Shop – Michaël Richard
2:17:44 [slides] Odoo POS Setup – Frédéric Van Der Essen
2:53:52 [slides] Odoo Integration with eBay – Florian Wintjens
3:19:05 [slides] Odoo Integration with Amazon – Hiren Vora
4:50:16 [slides] What’s New & Cool in Odoo v9 – Fabien Pinckaers
5:44:15 [slides] Knowledge Management with Odoo Slides – Antoine Huvelle
6:14:12 [slides] How to Implement the POS – Sebastien Beau
7:12:59 [slides] Offering Online Help with Odoo CMS – Cédric Pigeon
7:43:40 [slides] Customizing Odoo: fields/filters/menus – Sébastien Versailles

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Odoo Experience 2015 – Day 1

Great first day of the odoo conference.  Watch the whole conference above or skip to the discussion that you would you like to hear.

–Start————– Day One Event Name ——————————————————
xx:xx:xx [slides] Discover Odoo 9 – Fabien Pinckaers
xx:xx:xx [slides] New v9 Accounting – Quentin De Paoli
xx:xx:xx [slides] Handling Checks & Deposits – Arthur Maniet
xx:xx:xx [slides] Introduction to Reconciliation – Frédéric Gilson
xx:xx:xx [slides] Odoo Mobil apps – Jonathan Vanhumbeeck
xx:xx:xx [slides] Understanding Accounting & Installation – Els Van Vossel
xx:xx:xx [slides] Budget Management – André Bake
xx:xx:xx [slides] Odoo POS Setup – Michaël Vercruyssen
xx:xx:xx [slides] Website Editor – Tips & Tricks – Alexis Wuestenberghs
xx:xx:xx [slides] Adapt & Create custom warehouse Routes – Josse Colpaert

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Where is the odoo documentation?

Documentation has always been lacking in the odoo project.  Mostly this is a problem of the speed of evolution that TinyERP has evolved into OpenERP and now Odoo.  Currently odoo is struggling with how to align development resources: improving the user experience and making it more intuitive or developing documentation that may need to be completely rewritten in a year with the changes of the next version.

Odoo plans to write four documents for version 8 within a month or so.  The first two will be given priority and the others will come as time permits.  Ongoing progress can be viewed in odoo’s dev branch.

  • Developer tutorial
  • Designer tutorial
  • Developer reference guide
  • API guide

So the odoo community and various developers have come to the rescue to some success and various levels of quality.

So what resources are available on the net?

Version 8

Version 7

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Odoo Statistics

It is always good to monitor the overall project health of an opensource program such as odoo.  There are many ways to measure this and here are a some ways that odoo can be monitored:

Code activity:
Odoo source code is hosted on GitHub: https://github.com/odoo/odoo

Ohloh Source Code Evaluation (odoo Server & Modules):

Ohloh Source Code Evaluation (odoo Community Modules):

Trending Comparison with Competitors:

Odoo Forum:

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odoo Opendays 2014 Conference (Non-Main Theater Sessions)

As more videos become available for the odoo Open Days 2014 conference, I will be updating this post.  If I have missed anything please feel free to contact me and I will be sure to included it here.

A description of all the available talks can be found on odoo’s website

Slides only no Video/Audio:

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odoo Opendays Conference (Day 3 – June 6, 2014)

–Start————– Day Three Event Name ———————————————-
0:29:12 [slides] The new community platform – Olivier Dony
0:46:15 [slides] Direct Methodology: Live in 2 weeks – Jaime Catalan Pinto
1:08:10 [slides] Closing statements
1:33:45 [slides] Improve the performance of Odoo deployment – Olivier Dony
4:01:20 [slides] Buildout: Custom developments/deployments – Georges Racinet

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